“Geontologies, A Requiem to Late Liberalism”
“Fires, Fogs, Winds”
“Dear BLANK, I write Regarding toxic sovereignties”
“Dear Attorney general So-andSo, Correspondence Series #2”
“Conversation with Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer”

Semiotics and Technologies of the Otherwise
“Time/Bank Effort/Embankment, e-flux”
“Geontologies of the Otherwise”
“The Will to Be Otherwise, The Effort of Endurance”
“Radical Worlds”
“Beyond the Names of the People”
“Technologies of Public Forms” (with Dilip Gaonkar)
“The Woman on the Other Side of the Wall”
“Political Intensification, e-flux”
“Routes/Worlds, e-flux”
“Digital Cartographies”
“Defining Security in Late Liberalism”
“The Will and the Otherwise in the Anthropocene at HKW”
“As if in a perpetual chain…”

Settler Colonialisms
“The Rhetorics of Recognition”
“Forced Closures with Vivian Ziherl”
“The State of Shame”
“Reply to Frow & Morris”
“The Governance of the Prior”
“Finding Bwudjut”
“Do Rocks Listen”

Sexuality, Difference, Power
“As Quatro figuras da `sexualidade’ nos colonialismos povoamentos”
“The Part that has no Part”
“The anthropological fixation with reciprocity leaves no room for love”
“Disturbing Sexuality”
“Thinking Sexuality Transnationally” (Povinelli & Chauncey)
“Intimate Grammars”
“Notes on Gridlock”

Interviews & Forums
“Conversation with Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer”
Karrabing Film Collective Wins 2015 Visible Award
Forced Closures with Vivian Ziherl
The Stealing C*nt$, Karrabing Film Collective for Venice Biennale, e-flux
with Kim Turcot DiFruscia
with Kim Turcot DiFruscia-2nd Version
with Kim Turcot DiFruscia-3rd Version
Interventions: Economies of Abandonment
Dialogues in Human Geography, Economies of Abandonment
Late Liberal Geontologies with Mat Coleman & Kathryn Yusoff
Three Figures of Geontologies with Juliana Fausto
In the Event of Precarity, in conversation with Lauren Berlant, e-flux
After a Screening of When the Dogs Talked with Audra Simpson and Liza Johnson, e-flux
“A Matter Theatre: Life and Nonlife in Geontology” at HKW